Olive Trees

While we occasionally have olive trees available from leftovers of recent plantings, we have not been able to maintain an olive tree nursery. When we have trees available we will post a notice on this page. Call for details and availability when you see the notice.

This information is a compilation of our experience planting olive trees in the Southern California region. Generally we have a more arid, dry climate than Northern California and we must adjust our farming methods accordingly.

It is our experience that trees are best planted in the fall or spring of the year, with spring being our preference. With that in mind, we suggest that the trees for your orchard be purchased in the summer or fall for spring planting and in the spring for fall planting. They can be purchased as starters and immediately planted into one gallon pots which will give them time to become vigorous, hardy trees by planting time. We do not recommend planting propagated starters in the field as they require tender care and attention, and a certain amount of loss is inevitable.

Below we describe varieties that are hardy, high yield, superior character and quality of oil, and available. Having said that, some of these varieties are more suitable for cold, higher climates than others. Koroneiki, for example, is not recommended for high cold climates. We would be glad to help you plant your own olive orchard. See our page on Orchard Management.

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