Olive Picking Bags

Olive Picking Bag

For those of you with small trees that are only a few years old, even picking nets are more trouble than they are worth. This is when the picking bag comes into play. The picking bag makes it easy to walk from tree to tree and pick the olives. When you have as much fruit in the bag as you want, simply unsnap the flap and deposit the olives in a bucket or bin and start again.

We even use the Picking Bag in larger trees that are difficult to put nets under, especially in steep slopes or rough terrain.

The Picking Bags are made of a heavy nylon, rip proof material and has an adjustable padded shoulder strap to fit anybody. Material colors may vary.

$49.95 each, F.O.B. San Felipe Olive Co.

Ships UPS or Parcel Post anywhere in the U.S.

Call 909.260.2288 or Email SFOC@earthlink.net to order.

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