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San Felipe Olive Company is proud to offer expert consulting services to growers and aspiring growers of olives. Many times olive orchards have been planted without sound agricultural principles or a plan for the future. We are able to help our clients from beginning a new olive orchard to managing a young orchard, to maintaining and managing a mature orchard to assure maximum production. We visit your site and discuss with you all the factors and issues of olive production to assure success in the beginning to mature olive production. Below are just some of the topics that we will discuss with you:

It is important to understand that how you start and treat your olive orchard now will determine its productivity in the future. Olive trees have peculiarities all their own that set them apart from other fruits. So, it is important to get started right and maintain good agricultural practice for olive trees as they mature. Remember, olive trees are very hardy and can survive a lot of abuse when mature, but that doesn't mean they will produce olives to their maximum capability.

An olive orchard is a large, long term investment that we don't want to squander. Give us a call and we will be glad to talk with you about a program of consultation to suit your needs and assure success with your olive orchard.

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