Olive Picking Nets

Olive Picking Nets

San Felipe Olive Co. is pleased to offer Olive Picking Nets for the small to medium olive producer. These nets are sized to accommodate a variety of tree sizes from small to large mature olive trees. Lay one olive picking net on each side of the tree, as pictured, and strip all the olives from the tree onto the net. Then pick up the net from each end and roll the olives to one end and dump them into a bucket or bin. Simple as that. This will save you huge time and energy trying to pick and place the olives into a picking bag.

This net is a heavy duty poly weave in approximately 1/4" mesh. It has a heavy orange belt sewn around the edges which serves not only to protect the edges from ravel, but it is easy to see when handling the net and moving from tree to tree. This is by far the strongest olive picking net we have seen or used and we are sure you will appreciate the superior quality and durability. Olive Nets The nets come in three sizes and are individually packaged and labeled for size.

Sizes & Prices:

6'6" X 13' $39.95 ea.
13' X 19'6" $69.95 ea.
16'3" X 32'6" $119.95 ea.

Buy 10 or more picking nets of any size and save 10%

All prices are F.O.B. Yucaipa, CA.

Call 909.260.2288 or Email SFOC@earthlink.net to order.

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