Olive Tree Power Harvester

Olive Tree Power Harvester

We've all been out there picking our olives by hand thinking there must be an easier way to pick olives, particularly when our trees are getting older and it is hard to reach the olives.

Well now the Olivio Roto Harvester will save you more time, energy and money that you never thought possible picking your olive trees. This rugged 12 volt machine will reach all your olives and rapidly strip them onto the nets below. The Olivio Roto Harvester is light weight and easy to handle, and you'll be amazed at how fast the tree can be picked. Easy, enjoyable battery powered olive harvesting is a reality with the Olivio Roto Harvester.

The powerful 12 volt DC motor at the bottom is attached to a 6 1/2 ft. drive shaft that will let you reach up to 12 feet into your olive trees. The rotating flexible fingers gently strip the olives from the tree branches leaving the tree virtually clean of olives.

The machine may be attached to any 12 volt power supply, including your golf cart, gas cart, generator with 120V/12V converter or simply two 6 volt batteries wired for 12 volt output.

Olive Tree Harvesting Olive Tree Harvester

$ 399.00 + S & H

Exclusively From San Felipe Olive Co.

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