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Olive Grove The “CUB” Olive Oil Press:

Finally an affordable olive oil press for the home olive oil enthusiast. The “CUB” Press is a pneumatic system that gently presses the oil from the olive paste through filter sets and into a catch bowl. With the simple but thorough instructions included, you’ll be amazed at the quality and quantity of extra virgin olive oil you will get in only a couple of hours. You’ll wow your friends with the most flavorful and rich olive oil at your first tasting party.

The “CUB” Press was designed by small olive growers just like you who couldn’t find an oil extraction system without spending mega thousands of dollars. So, we designed and built our own and perfected it by using it in dozens of batches. Clean-up is simple and easy and there are no parts to wear out, so you won’t be continually buying filter sets.

The “CUB” Press is designed to process 10 lbs. of olives per batch and comes complete with 10 filter sets (1 lb. of paste per filter) and catch bowl, just as you see it in the picture. All you need to get started is a good quality meat grinder, a 1 gal. home stand mixer with a slow speed, a small air compressor and, of course, olives.

Price: $ 1,249.00 Plus shipping & packaging. Pick it up here and save $$$$.

Dimensions: 18”W X 18”D X 34”H
75 lbs. shipping weight
Ships UPS anywhere in the U.S.

Call 909.260.2288 or Email SFOC@earthlink.net to order.

Available Exclusively From:   San Felipe Olive Co.

“BRUIN” Upgrade

If your interested in purchasing the “CUB” Olive Oil Press but are concerned that 10 lbs per batch is not large enough, the “BRUIN” Upgrade is just for you. The “BRUIN” Upgrade will allow you to run 25 lbs per batch and you can easily process 75 to 100 lbs per day. The frame and air system is the same as the “CUB” but we’ll send you a larger 12” filter package, larger catch bowl and cylinder push plate. The process is exactly the same as the “CUB” but think how much more oil you will get. The same high quality meat grinder is fine with the “BRUIN” but it is recommended to have two stand mixers or one larger mixer as shown below.

$ 1,699.00 F.O.B. San Felipe Olive Co.

“BRUIN” Upgrade Kit

For those of you that already have the “CUB” Olive Oil Press but have out grown it, we have brought out the “BRUIN” Upgrade Kit to expand your “CUB” from 10 lbs per batch to 25 lbs. This enables those of you who’s trees have now grown in production over the last couple of years to keep up with the extra volume. The Kit consists of larger 12” filters, screens and plates, as well as, a larger catch bowl and push plate for your cylinder. The “CUB” air system is adequate for the “BRUIN” Upgrade by merely adjusting to a higher air pressure.

$695.00 F.O.B. San Felipe Olive Co.

American Eagle Meat Grinder

Model No.: AE-G12NOlive Grinder

This professional grade, heavy duty meat grinder is reliable and durable. We have used one for years with no problems. It easily grinds the olives, pits and all, and in the occasion that there is a jamb, there is a reverse switch to easily back out the jamb and keep going. It is one h.p., gear driven and all parts and surfaces are stainless steel. It comes with feed pan and two sizes of outlet plates..

$499.00 F.O.B. Chicago, Ill. Shipping Weight: 77 lbs.

American Eagle 20 qt. Mixer

Model No.: AE-20Olive Mixer

For those of you that have opted to upgrade the “CUB” to the “BRUIN”, this professional grade 20 quart mixer will easily keep up with the malaxation of the larger 25 lb. batch. It is ½ h.p., 100% gear driven transmission, 3-speed switch and stainless steel mixing bowl and beater arm.

$ 1,499.00 F.O.B. Chicago, Ill. Shipping Weight: 269 lbs.

American Eagle AE-20 Mixer with AE-G12NH Meat Grinder Attachment

Olive Grinder AttachmentIf you need a mixer and meat grinder for the “BRUIN” Olive Oil Press, then you can’t go wrong with this professional grade combo of the above AE-20, 20 quart Mixer and the AE-G12NH Meat Grinder Head Attachment. This is the same meat grinder head as seen above and fits to the head of the mixer to give an all-in-one unit.

$1,789.00 F.O.B. Chicago, Ill. Shipping Weight: 310 lbs.

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